51 Vans

Converted Vans from the 51st Parallel North

We’ve created this website to showcase our van builds through photos, videos, and write ups. We get many questions about how we’ve accomplished different features or what products we use in our builds and hope to create a catalogue of resources on this site for anyone looking into a van conversion. 


Who we are

Based in Calgary Alberta on the northern 51st Parallel, we build our vans to be capable of adventures further into the frigid north as well as retreating south to warmer climates. 

Meeting these requirements involves both meticulous design and expert craftsmanship, derived from years in home construction specializing in carpentry as well as a fixation with getting outdoors.


Everything you see here is custom-built in our shop unless stated otherwise. We’ve discovered that the best solution for your specific situation is rarely available for purchase. We take pride in designing and building the big features like our roof racks and cabinetry all the way down to small 3D printed switch panels and grommets.

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2006 Sprinter 158" WB 3500 DRW

2006 Sprinter 158" WB 3500 DRW


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